Moringa is a tree that has earned the name ‘the miracle tree’, because its leaves, seeds, roots and bark are loaded with multiple beneficial nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids. The other factor that makes moringa a miracle tree is that it grows best in places often severely affected by drought and famine. This tree has great potential to remedy the suffering of hungry people worldwide, while simultaneously offering great health benefits to those who use it.

Not only is moringa extremely nutrient dense, but it has also been shown to have powerful medicinal properties. Its antioxidant and amino acid complex helps boost people’s energy levels as well as regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As a complete protein, it is also perfect for athletes as an energy source and supplement for recovery.. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

How does the moringa tree survive in such harsh environments?

In order for the moringa tree to survive in the harsh conditions in which it can be found, it produces a number of phytochemicals that boost its own immune system and help it utilise the minimal resources that it has to survive. When we ingest these phytochemicals or apply them topically, they offer a range of benefits to us as well. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

Why is moringa called the miracle tree?

  • Moringa is often found in areas plagued by harsh environmental conditions such as drought and famine. The people who live in these areas are often found suffering from nutritional deficiencies, but thanks to moringa, with its high nutritional content and powerful antioxidants, they can find the relief and strength that they so desperately need.
  • As the uses and benefits of moringa become increasingly recognized around the world, the doors to successful commercial cultivation, job opportunities and the stimulation of local economies are opened.

Simply take one teaspoon (5g) of moringa powder every day and you will get a significant portion of your daily Vitamin A and C requirements, as well as a powerful dose of calcium, potassium, antioxidants and cleansing compounds.

Alternatively, you can take the leaf powder in capsule form (2 caps/800mg twice a day) or in a cup of tea with our loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Moringa tea has been found to be absorbed into the body easily. It tastes similar to green tea, but with a slightly better flavour, and an unmatched boost to your immune system…READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

Moringa has been hailed for it multitude of benefits from regulating insulin and helping fight diabetes to reducing inflammation and improving recovery from workouts. Just take a look at a few of the articles below and in our blog to find out more. From a nutritional point of view, moringa offers a plant based complete protein (27g/100g of dried leaf powder) containing all your essential amino acids, which form the building blocks that muscles need to grow and repair themselves. Moringa will also provide you with an abundance of calcium, iron and beta-carotene to keep you going and replenish your muscles. The high levels of fibre found in moringa can also lend a helping hand to those wishing to lose weight.

Over and above the nutritional value of moringa, this plant has powerful medicinal properties. It is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent, which has been shown to fight diabetes and certain cancers.

The benefits of moringa include regulating levels of tannins, sterols, terpenoids, flavonoids, saponins, anthraquinones and alkaloids, thereby helping the body to regulate its glucose levels. Moringa helps to cleanse the body of damage-causing free radicals, such as glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, glycoside compounds and glycerol-1-9-octadecanoate. Over and above these amazing benefits, moringa can improve blood flow and circulation, while reducing cholesterol and improving heart function. Moringa contains polyunsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid, which help to control cholesterol levels.

The combination of the nutritional value and the powerful antioxidant complex also has several positive side effects that may improve overall health and beauty, while also reducing the effects of ageing. The antioxidants mentioned above have been proven to have a positive impact on reducing the rate of oxidation of important cells, thus slowing down the ageing process. In other words, one daily dose of moringa will slow the ageing process down, giving your body a chance to enjoy its youth again!…READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

  1. Performance:
    Moringa has huge benefits when used alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. When it comes to intense training specifically, it can make a significantdifference. Sportsmen have testified to the fact that you feel the difference not only in overall energy and endurance, but particularly in recovery. The protein and amino acids found in moringa form a great base for muscle replenishment after a workout. Adding just one teaspoon to your protein shake could give you that extra edge that you need to win.
  2. Energy:
    Moringa has high levels of Vitamin B12, magnesium and iron, all of which help to improve muscular endurance and provide prolonged energy. The chlorophyll found in moringa leaves also helps reduce acid build-up during training.
  3. Recovery:
    The unique blend of anti-oxidants found in moringa has a number of benefits related to inflammation and lactic acid build up. Certain antioxidants reduce the build-up of lactic acid and four of the moringa isothiocyanates have very similar effects to sulphoraphane – the compound found in multiple leafy greens which helps the body reduce the build-up of unwanted inflammation.
  4. Health:
    Moringa is a great multivitamin that can be taken by the whole family, its well known effects are on regulating insulin levels aiding diabetics, lowering cholesterol levels and helping blood circulation, and mostly for its amazing impact on reducing inflammation which has multiple ongoing benefits. The leaves are highly nutrient dense and contain leafy green components like chlorophyll and isothiocyanates and seeds for example are a powerful antioxidant that can actually be used to cleanse water –– but have a similar detoxifying effect on your body (which is mostly water). The Vitamins B, C and D in moringa combined with powerful antioxidants help maintain healthy inflammation levels, giving you the boost of sustainable energy for the day!
  5. Beauty:
    Looking for something that’s quick and easy and gives your look a new lease on life? Just take one teaspoon of Moringa Leaf Powder in the morning and let your body do the rest. The high fibre content of moringa assists with weight loss, while antioxidants reduce the rate of ageing. At the same time, improved blood circulation give you the energy you need to go look and feel good! Moringa has multiple benefits when used topically as a cream/body butter/facial cleanser. When combined with the right essentials oils, moringa can revitalise your skin and help it looks its best.


Our Moringa comes directly from self-sustaining African farms both locally (in South Africa) and from our neighbours (Zambia). Our aim is to build our local farms, which are all headed towards international organic certification and are quality checked to meet only the highest quality standards. All workers are locally employed and we are working to improve their education and quality of life. Leaves are shade dried and crushed in a controlled environment to ensure maximum nutrient levels and purity of the moringa. All products are produced with love and integrity to make sure we can offer maximum benefit to all users.